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Small But Mighty (Oct 2005)

In November 2004, Pamela Large-Moran made headlines when she secured the largest personal injury settlement ever awarded in the history of Canada. $12.98 million was approved for her client, Laura Mae Brown, who suffered severe injuries and needed round the clock care as a result of being a passenger in a leased vehicle where the driver was at fault.

A native from PEI, Large-Moran practiced civil and commercial litigation in Toronto from 1990 to 2000 when she decided to return home. “Having been involved as a lawyer in over 200 mediations while practicing in Toronto and seeing the many positive benefits of the process to disputing parties, I saw a growing need for such services back here.” She enrolled in the Master of Laws program specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution and graduated two years later. After doing some business training, she opened CRS Atlantic (Conflict Resolution Services) in Charlottetown.

She loves the entrepreneurial life as it allows her so much flexibility. She’s able to carve out some time for herself and family. This means she can be the goaltender for the “PEI hockey Mamas” (a group of forty-somethin’ PEI moms who raise funds for breast cancer research.)

Meanwhile, back at the office, she’s plenty busy, but Large-Moran’s figured out that she doesn’t have to rent a big space or hire a large staff. When she needs more hands on deck, she simply partners or sub contracts with other conflict resolution professionals. This way she gets the benefit of assistance without having to worry about paying another full time employee and the client benefits by receiving a broader range of services. “Doing it this way leaves the decision-making and control solely in my hands which keeps things simple.”