• Alternative Dispute Resolution

    We offer creative solutions including mediation, arbitration, facilitation and other alternatives.

With specialized training and years of experience in the roles of mediator and arbitrator, PLM Law employs broad negotiating and problem solving skills to achieve the desired results.

PLM understands the role as a problem solver. The courtroom is not the right solution for all cases, as it can be a lengthy and expensive process to resolve a dispute. PLM Law is adept at accessing a variety of creative processes including mediation, arbitration, facilitation and other alternatives to the court system that best suit your needs. This will save you precious time and resources.

PLM Law further provides investigative and fact-finding services to assist organizations in dealing with allegations, breaches of Codes of Conduct and complaints. PLM Law can provide not only comprehensive and well-reasoned investigation reports and findings but also can provide advice and recommendations and appropriate processes in regard to appropriate remedies and next steps.